By the time you graduate with a B.A. in French, you are expected to demonstrate Intermediate-High to Advanced-Low Level proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture.  Proficiency is acquired both within and outside of the classroom.  Therefore, passing grades in all of your French classes may not be the only indicator that you have achieved the levels of proficiency required for graduation.  This course will help you to find resources to improve your proficiency both within classes and in extracurricular activities.  In French 496, you will present your online portfolio to provide documentation of your proficiency levels, along with your STAMP results.  The online portfolio will allow you to upload different types of documents associated with each of your French courses so that you can set goals and get feedback.  The French 295 course will introduce you to the online portfolio software.

Other activities during the quarter will include:  learning about careers associated with a French major or minor, investigating study abroad opportunities and/or scholarships and planning your schedule to graduate on time. 

Extensive practice in precise written translations from French into English and English into French.